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Handmade Grills and Smokers

No WIFI, No Cords, Just True BBQ

We specialize in Charcoal Smokers and Grills.  We believe nothing brings people together like good BBQ.  We don't make grills that require WiFi, cords, or any other distracting device.  We know nothing adds a personal touch like charcoal, giving you an opportunity to be truly proud of your grilling.  Yes, some smokers have automatic "thing-a-ma-jigs" and can email you when your food is finished, but whats the art in that?  We put you in control, after all- who wants BBQ cooked by a machine?  We want YOU to get the credit for perfect cook- not some automatic doodad.  Leave all the electronic distractions behind and come experience true BBQ, true grilling, true Raven.  

DSC_0651 (2).JPG

All of our grills come with Stainless Steel grates, that last longer and are easier to clean.  We also use re-purposed wood for our side tables that are stained and finished for long-lasting durability

Raven grills and smokers cater to the Master Smokers by creating a large side door for adding coals and chips during smoking, making it easier to use.

DSC_0654 (2).JPG
DSC_0656 (2).JPG

Our exclusive grill cleaning system will keep your grill looking in pristine condition and ready to use.  Just pull the side tray out and our system drags out the ash through an easy-to-catch opening on the bottom. 


Don't see exactly what you like?  Contact us if you need a custom grill.

All of our grills and smokers are handmade and hand assembled.

Ask about unique and special colors to make your grill one-of-a-kind!

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