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Odin was a mythical man who had two ravens that would fly around and report back to him.  This Odin is our all new "set it and forget it" smoker.  Tired of people bragging about their new pellet smoker (when you darn well know that's not really smoking)?  Our gravity fed smoker uses charcoal, because we appreciate true barbeque.


Step 1: Start your charcoal, pour it on the side box along with more unlit charcoal on top.

Step 2: Close the top door, and you are off and running. 


Add whatever wood chunks you like through the bottom door.  The burnt charcoal will fall down on the wood adding just the right amount of flavor.  This smoker is insolated for efficiency.  It also has a port for your thermometer.  Odin has the best of everything: charcoal taste and convenient cooking.


  • With over 7,000 cubic inches of cooking space, this smoker is ready for anything!  

  • The Odin can hold over an entire bag of charcoal (lump or briquettes) for all day cooking

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